Storm Restoration

SERVICE ELECTRIC provides rapid response to utilities during storm recovery operations. Our storm restoration teams have experience working under the pressures of storm recovery, as well as the knowledge of electrical components and facilities required to assist our clients with a timely restoration process. SERVICE ELECTRIC’s emergency response process puts expert storm crews on the road to your site immediately, during or right after any disaster that affects your power grid. We maintain all of the necessary tools, equipment and pre-stocked trucks ready to help you restore service to the communities that depend on the power you provide.

Utility commissions acrossAmericaare requiring companies to file updated storm and recovery strategies. As a result, utilities are upgrading their storm response and recovery plans. SERVICE ELECTRIC provides professional-grade technicians with the experience, training and equipment required to work safely under the most challenging conditions.

  • Damage Assessment
  • Pole Stripping
  • Logistics Support
  • StagingCenterSupport
  • Mobile Command Capability
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