Employee Spotlight: Scott Smith

Employee Spotlight: Scott Smith

When Service Electric Company Superintendent Scott Smith thinks back to SEC’s humble beginning, he remembers the feeling of family. He remembers the old Holtzclaw office and Christmas parties held in the conference room. “I think the foundation of who we are says a lot,” he says. “I work for SEC because I choose to. Just like we tell our crews, we are the best of the best.” Smith attributes SEC’s victories today to the hard work and dedication of all the “good folks” throughout the years.

If you know Scott Smith, you’ll know he believes in his crews. His teams put in the hard work, and he’s got kudos for them all. He is, however, particularly proud of one project in 2020—one that he’s pleased to close out the year with. It was a tough job from the start with a very tight schedule. The time frame was so narrow even the customer was concerned whether the job could be done. In a culmination of 3 crews’ worth of effort, they faced the challenge head-on and finished ahead of schedule. Smith gives a lot of credit to the crews and leadership. “Without their hard work and dedication to this company,” he said, “none of us could have accomplished what we did.”

As for 2021, Smith looks forward to setting new market milestones in the upcoming year. Venturing from the familiar Time and Equipment Jobs, he and his crews will be introducing SEC to the Bid Work market. “We are setup for success in 2021.” It’s going to take a new approach on how SEC manages equipment and assesses fixed costs, and it will look to the future of solar power. “The solar generation is a growing deal,” he says, “and it is becoming greener, especially in the Sunny South.” We hope you’re ready, 2021; here we come!

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