Barry Bartlett

Barry Bartlett Vice President – Underground

Barry has been with SERVICE ELECTRIC Company since June 2012.  He began his career as a Regional Manager and was with Dillard Smith for 26 years where he started as a Foreman then became a General Foreman to Superintendent.  Prior to Dillard Smith Barry worked with Wright & Lopez and Communication INC performing underground work. Today with SERVICE ELECTRIC Company Barry is responsible for the day to day operations and management of the underground electrical construction division. He manages an administration and operations staff of 200+ personnel. His duties include interview process for hiring, employee support, estimating, project management, customer relations and support, supporting all underground projects throughout the Southern Region.

He represents SERVICE ELECTRIC Company at pre-bids, reviews RFP’s, previews job sites, estimates jobs, manages and oversees overall work production.  Barry also acts as the liaison between our Customer’s field contact and SERVICE ELECTRIC Company.  Barry visits crews, conducts evaluations, quality inspections and safety reviews along with directing and monitoring various sub-contractors. Supports other division with all underground projects.  He is also a SELCAT Board member. Strong relationship with customers.

His experience with Georgia Power Company has been for 33 years, and with Bell South 10 plus years. He’s performed URD Construction, Joint Trench Construction Network Underground rebuild, upgrade and new Construction, Southeast cable replacement.  Working with Power, Communication and cable TV. He has managed large projects with North Perimeter Contraction, Georgia Department of Transportation, United Infrastructure Group, City of Marietta, City of Griffin, Nextera. Mears Group, City of Georgia Electric Members Corporation, Grand Gulf Nuclear plant, Oxford Mississippi CO-OP and many more.



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