Life Sustaining Award Nomination & Quanta Commitment Coins

Life Sustaining Award Nomination & Quanta Commitment Coins

Four SEC Employees Recognized for Heroic Acts of SERVICE:

When Jacob Jones (Foreman), Dustin Logan (Lineman), Rick Russelburg (Lineman), and Grayson Jones (Apprentice) woke up on the morning of February 27, 2023, they never imagined they would be involved in a story that would make national headlines that evening. 

While traveling to a job site, Russelburg noticed a man lying beside the road. He ordered the driver and the crew to stop and immediately sprang into action.

Following Russelburg’s instructions, Logan grabbed the CPR kit from the truck while G. Jones called 911. After the crew had examined the scene for safety, Russelburg examined the man and discovered he had suffered a gunshot wound to the face but was still conscious.

The victim had been shot in a nearby house and crawled to the road, seeking help. Dozens of cars passed by him, but nobody could see him in the tall grass. Thankfully, our bucket trucks sit higher than other vehicles so that Russelburg could spot him!

The crews followed First Aid protocol and stood by, ready to perform CPR should the victim’s condition worsen. While waiting for the EMTs to arrive, Russelburg spoke to the victim to keep him conscious and calm.

Through his conversation, Russelburg got the contact information for the victim’s wife. Russelburg called to inform her what had happened, and she immediately came to the scene.

Later that evening, the victim’s wife shared the following words on her Facebook page: “You never know that in a blink of an eye, your life can be changed forever. Hug those you love so much tighter… The heroes that I call our family’s angels…you saved his life and got the first aid rendered immediately. I have no doubt there are angels among us.

In appreciation of their life-saving efforts and ability to work efficiently during a crisis, these four employees have been nominated for the MEA Life Sustaining Award. Quanta also recognized their heroic work and awarded them Quanta Commitment Coins.

Thank this crew for embracing part of our company vision — Serve our Community.

7 thoughts on “Life Sustaining Award Nomination & Quanta Commitment Coins

  1. Awesome job guys! This is what life on Earth is about ! Helping each other! Congratulations!

  2. So very honored to have met these gentleman and them being right their to keep my husband conscious after he fell victim to a shooting. These men are very deserving and our family will always be forever grateful of their heroic act.
    ❤️ Thank you is just never enough sometime.

  3. Blessings to you and your families, because of you we have our Son in Law to teach his boys the same actions and compassion.

  4. My hats off to these gentlemen and a fine job that they did. So many people look at Lineman during storm crisis and are thankful for them getting the lights back on and clearing the debris so they can actually try to get back to a normal life. Little do most people realize the first aid and safety and rescue training that all lineman get as part of their development. I’m so thankful my brothers out there who do get the training and are there to be the brothers keeper!

  5. Interesting story.
    .Congratulations to these fine men and Mick Gottman.

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