National Appreciation Day

National Appreciation Day

Since the telegraph was made in 1844, linemen began working on trees and poles for communication. From then through now these men and women have faced challenging conditions to keep the lights on for the masses. It was not until Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana in 2005 that Bill Bosch who runs campus operations at Northwest Lineman College suggested and applied to make a day to honor all linemen and women. His father was a lineman who helped NASA with their skylab space station that launched back in 1973. Cliff Bosch died on April 18th, 1992 and his son Bill chose that day in April of 2013 to recognize all of their hard work and let the public know. Show your support by using the hashtag #thankalineman, donate to a fallen lineman or to the National Sisterhood United for Journeymen Linemen.

More information can be found here or here.


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