At SERVICE ELECTRIC Company, we are changing the way we do safety. 

As a Quanta Services operating unit, we have fully embraced the Capacity Model as a major influence over our entire safety program and will hold it at the forefront of our safety focus for many years to come.  The Capacity Model creates a work environment that focuses on preventing an incident while also building capacity for failure by always planning and executing our work as if failure is going to happen today.  We always choose prevention, but we realize that mistakes will happen. The question becomes do we have the capacity to absorb failure without causing harm.

The Capacity Model is a way of thinking that Safety Is Not the Absence of Incidents, But the Presence of Capacity.

To create Capacity, SERVICE ELECTRIC Company and our front-line leaders are engaged and support the effort to identify the STKY (Stuff that Kills You) on their jobsites each day.  It starts by identifying and discussing the STKY on the jobsite. We ask:

  1. What is STKY on your job site?
  2. When a STKY event happens, what will protect you & the crew?
  3. Is that enough protection or do you need more?

The Capacity Model will change the way we look at and practice safety on our jobsites.  We know that every significant event has a release of energy in some form.  We start by recognizing STKY, then apply it to the Energy Wheel as a source of energy and continue by determining the controls needed to create the “Capacity” to fail safely if a failure occurs on all our job sites.

While the ultimate success of a safety and health program depends upon the full cooperation of each individual employee, it is management’s responsibility to provide a safe environment in which to work. At SERVICE ELECTRIC Company, we have embraced the following Human Performance (HP) principles.  Using HP as a tool for learning, SERVCE ELECTRIC Company will continue its effort to grow as a learning organization.

SERVICE ELECTRIC Company has achieved an outstanding record in the safety field and is proud of its achievements in accident prevention as a foundation. We are actively taking the next step forward through the Capacity Model, to provide a safe work environment for all our employees.

Safety is not the absence of injuries, but the presence of “The Capacity.”



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