Construction & Maintenance

Whether it be in the mountains of Appalachia, the swamps of the Everglades, or the plains of the Midwest, Service Electric Company has built a new transmission line in nearly every condition in the Eastern US. Our highly trained employees come to us from any one of hundreds of IBEW Local Unions, but most choose to stay with Service Electric throughout their whole careers. This allows SEC to deploy a group of well-trained and cohesive crews to nearly any project that may arise. Please contact us if you have a project that SEC can complete for you.

What We Offer:

  • Skilled and Experienced Project Management teams devoted to your projects
  • Key Performance indicators (KPI’s) that include detailed schedules (P6, MS Project, or other), regular updates, cash flows and many others to suite your needs
  • A fleet of over 2,000 pieces of owned equipment to address nearly every situation
  • Our Estimating/PM teams can evaluate your project and prepare a detailed execution plan for your review
  • Years of experience with “Specialty” work including:
    • Aviation Work
    • Energized work
    • Barge/Water work
    • Environmentally sensitive projects
    • Bundled conductors
    • Uncommon wire sizes and configurations
    • Multiple customer interconnects
    • And much more

Our Typical services

New Construction

A majority our customers are feeling the strain of ever-increasing demands for power. Providing relief and reliability to their system is accomplished by building new assets and expanding their grid resources. Today’s technology offers a vast variety of construction possibilities and we find our customers are leveraging those possibilities to further advance their systems. SERVICE ELECTRIC Company has been involved in countless new and innovative construction projects and continues to support numerous projects all over the Eastern US.

Line Rebuilds

With available real estate becoming a rare commodity, we find many of our customers are looking at options to rebuild and/or upgrade their existing assets. This, coupled with numerous federal and state mandates to improve grid capacity and reliability, necessitates the owner to replace the aging infrastructure. These projects often bring unique challenges as many areas have grown around the original construction of the line. Examples of these challenges include gaining access to the rights-of-way, customer interactions, environmental constraints, and larger structure designs. SEC has the experience and resources to accomplish any project regardless of the constraints and we pride ourselves on providing quality work safely and efficiently.

Line Retirements

In many cases, line assets reach their end of life, and rebuilding the line in the existing right-of-way is not an option. Lines are upgraded to higher voltages resulting in larger rights-of-way that often conflict with other properties, businesses, or homes. These existing assets become unnecessary and often become a complex removal challenge. SEC has performed all types of asset removal. Whether it be traditional ground access removal or aviation removal to limit ground impact, we have the experience to serve your needs.

Line Maintenance & Repairs

When line assets are subjected to elements, repairs and maintenance become a never-ending process. Many of our customers employ a steady maintenance crew provided by SEC to assist with insulator repairs, cross arm replacements, conductor or static splices, etc. We also have many crews available to respond to a critical maintenance or repair need should one arise. Contact us today if you have a need.

Storm Restoration

We’re often reminded of the power of Mother Nature and unfortunately, that power often leads to destruction that leaves thousands without power. SEC’s goal is to respond quickly to your need and work diligently until your power is restored. Hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, ice storms, high winds, and even flooding are all recent events we’ve assisted our customers with. SEC has the ability to deploy hundreds of employees and equipment to your area immediately. We can stage resources ahead of hurricanes or impending weather and have completed countless projects for reference should you desire to discuss project experience.



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