High Voltage Oil, Vacuum and SF6 Breakers

SERVICE ELECTRIC offers expert installation and commission of new and used high voltage circuit breakers.

What We Offer:

  • SF6 Gas and Vacuum Circuit Breakers
    • New Installation
      • Pour new concrete pads to spec or adapt existing
      • Place breaker on bad and secure
      • Terminate Control Wiring
      • Perform Point to Point Wiring Checks
  • For SF6 Gas Circuit Breakers, only
    • Evacuate SF6 Gas from Canister
    • Hold Canister vacuum in accordance with manufacturer’s instruction
    • Moisture Test OEM Supplied SF6 Gas
    • Fill Cannister with SF6 Gas with SF6 Gas Processing Cart
    • Perform a gas leak test on bushings and poles
  • Testing
    • Relays
    • Current Transformers
    • Timing and Travel
    • Contact Resistance
    • Power Factor
  • Maintenance, Repairs and Testing
    • Clean Breaker and Bushings
    • Bushing Replacement
      • Check and Record pneumatic or hydraulic system compressor operating settings
      • Clean, Adjust, and lubricate as necessary
      • Check the Anti – Pump Mode
      • Check Manual Trip Levers for proper Manual Trip Operation
      • Close back the Remote/Local Switch to ensure electrical close circuits are reset
      • For SF6 Gas Circuit Breakers
        • Check and Record Low SF6 Lockout and Alarm Points
        • Check SF6 Gas Pressure
        • Leak Test Bushing and Cannister
        • Replace seals and desiccant bags, as necessary
      • For Vacuum Breakers
        • Vacuum Bottle Integrity
        • Check Contact Gap
      • Testing
        • Power Factor
        • Insulation Resistance
        • Time and Travel
        • Contact Resistance
        • Minimum Pick Up on Trip and Close Coils
        • Relays


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