Substation Construction

SERVICE ELECTRIC utilizes the most qualified personnel in the substation industry.

With crews capable of building bid projects, turnkey projects, or working directly for you as a dedicated contractor on your system. Our crews are capable of handling a wide range of voltages, up to and including 765KV.

What We Offer:

SERVICE ELECTRIC Company has the capabilities to construct every facet of a substation, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Concrete Foundations
  • Conduit & Control Cable
  • Control Wiring & Terminations
  • Erection of Steel Structures
  • Buswork & Switches
  • Grounding
  • Setting and Assembly of Transformers. Regulators, Circuit Breakers, Reclosers, & Capacitors
  • Relay and Control Panel Installations

You can feel confident that whatever your substation needs are, SERVICE ELECTRIC can provide you with a safe and quality, on time solution.



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