Technical Services

Substation reliability is critical to any electric utility or industrial power system.

SERVICE ELECTRIC Company services range from commission testing to full maintenance, testing and repair. We service virtually all substation equipment including transformers, circuit breakers, relays, controls, switches, LTC’s and station electrical integrity. If protecting asset life expectancy, avoiding unplanned outages, and saving repair and replacement costs is part of your power planning, SERVICE ELECTRIC will answer your call.

What We Offer:

  • Commissioning and Testing
    Service Electric’s engineers and technicians can provide complete new installation start-up as well as routine maintenance testing for all electric substations.
  • High Voltage Oil, Vacuum and SF6 Breakers
    Service Electric offers expert installation and commission of new and used high voltage circuit breakers.
  • Testing
    Service Electric has the tools, instrumentation and technical expertise to perform any electrical testing needed for analysis of your equipment’s condition.
  • Transformer Assembly
    Service Electric provides power transformer assembly and oil filling services that include assembly of radiators, bushings, pumps, gauges and associated electrical components.
  • Transformer Maintenance & Repair
    Service Electric provides regular maintenance and prompt, expert repairs, that are essential in limiting unplanned outages, promoting uninterrupted customer service, and minimizing revenue losses and costly equipment replacement.
  • Transformer Oil Services
    Service Electric provides oil Processing services that includes onboard Fuller’s Earth, vacuum filling and degasification capabilities with systems designed to ensure the efficient, safe and most reliable service to process your transformers, regulators and LTC’s.





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