Transformer Assembly

SERVICE ELECTRIC provides power transformer assembly and oil filling services that include assembly of radiators, bushings, pumps, gauges and associated electrical components.

What We Offer:

  • Transport and rigging as required
  • New, pre-assembly inventory, inspection, and testing
    • Inventory all accessories, components and hardware
      • Note any discrepancies or damage
    • External internal inspection of transformer
      • Document Impact Recorder Readings, tank pressure & oil leaks
    • Core Ground Megger Test (Insulation Resistance)
    • Dew Point Measurement
    • Power Factor Testing of all bushings
  • Installation of bushings, radiators and associated valves, conservator, if applicable, accessories and components
  • Test oil dielectric prior to filling transformer
  • Establish and hold vacuum per manufacturer’s instructions
  • Fill transformer with new, hot oil, while maintaining vacuum
  • Pressure/Leak Test
  • Post-assembly Testing
    • Transformer Turns Ratio (TTR)
    • Power Factor Testing
      • Windings
      • Bushings
    • Excitation Current
    • SFRA
    • Winding Resistance
    • Current Transformers
      • Ratio
      • Core Saturation
      • Polarity
    • Oil Testing
      • Basic Oil Quality
      • Dissolved Gasses (DGA)
      • Moisture
      • Power Factor
  • Control circuit, alarm, trip and function checks
    • Fans, Oil Pumps
    • Winding Temperature, Pressure, Liquid level and Liquid
    • Temperature Gauges
    • Sudden Pressure Relay
    • Pressure Relief Device
    • Nitrogen System, if present


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