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SERVICE ELECTRIC Company has the technical expertise and proven experience to provide “live line” maintenance, system upgrades, re-conductoring and complete rebuilds at virtually any voltage. We utilize proven barehand work techniques and proprietary robotic equipment to create a safety zone so that workers can complete tasks while eliminating the need to interrupt power service.

All SERVICE ELECTRIC energized transmission and substation projects enjoy the full support of Quanta’s energized Services group. Our energized work crews have completed extensive training and receive annual recertification training to maintain Quanta Energized Services qualifications.

What We Offer:

SERVICE ELECTRIC Company’s TRANSMISSION division consists of a variety of operations including, but not limited to:

Service Electric Company has partnered with nearly every major utility company on the East coast along with countless others across the US to construct or maintain Transmission lines up to and including 765kV. Our vast fleet of owned equipment allows us to respond quickly and appropriately to any need that may arise. Each of our 7 regional offices has the support staff for all varieties of Transmission project scope. Please contact us if we can serve you.



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