Wounded Dog Rescue

Wounded Dog Rescue

Over the span of five days in late March, a SERVICE ELECTRIC Company substation crew led by Foreman Mike Statti employed different strategies in a gallant humanitarian effort to capture a badly wounded stray dog. As this unfortunate pup wandered into the QISG Lacey Branch substation, they noticed he had a 1/8” steel snare cable buried an inch deep around his neck. He was suffering and needed help quickly if he was going to survive.

On the fifth day, the wounded dog was lured with food into an office trailer in the substation by QISG Construction Manager Ryan Medlin. Once he was isolated, Ryan enlisted the assistance of two SEC substation crew members, Dwain Brammer and Thomas Smith, to capture the dog in a wire cage donated by a local animal rescue. Thomas helped Dwain don his special “potentially panicked pup personal protective equipment” (PPPPE) which included a face shield, safety glasses, heavy leather gloves, and improvised forearm padding. Our three amigos, Ryan, Dwain, and Thomas herded the calm pup into the wire cage easily. Our humanitarian heroes then contacted the animal rescue; the dog was picked up within an hour and rushed to a veterinarian for surgery. The vet cut the steel snare cable from his neck and his neck wounds were stitched up.

One of our substation crew members, Brian Farley, has adopted the dog and has given him a new home. Congratulations to Ryan Medlin, Mike Statti, Dwain Brammer, Thomas Smith, Andrew Chase, Megan Sanchez, Brian Farley, and others who helped save this pup through their outstanding care for one of God’s creatures who couldn’t help himself.



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